Easter Egg basket cutter and embosser

Made by Cookie Decorators for Cookie Decorators!

This Set consists of 1 x basket cutter and  embosser., Eggs cutter and embosser and bow cutter and embosser

Cut out fondant (don’t take out of cookie-cutter) and place embosser in the cutter and press down. Lift up cookie cutter and push fondant out with the embosser. This way you don’t have to line up the embosser and cutter.

Basket Cutter: 73mm (H) X 71mm (W).

Basket Embossers: 69.5 mm (H) x 64mm (W)

Eggs Cutter: 23.5mm (H) x 37mm (W).

Eggs Embossers: 19.5 mm (H) x 23 mm (W)

Bow Cutter: 20.5mm (H) x 23mm (W).

Bow Embossers: 16.5 mm (H) x 19.5 mm (W)

Doesn’t include the handle

These are 3D printed with PLA+, Hand wash only, do not soak and do not put through the dishwasher.

Small parts please don’t leave in reach of children.

Design by Melbourne Cookie Co. Made in Melbourne.